187 Visa (RSMS Visa)

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (187) gives you (and any family members) permanent residency.

There are two Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS Visa) streams.

If you currently hold a 457 visa, and have done so for at least two years (with the same 457 sponsor), you are eligible through the Temporary Resident Transition stream of the Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (187). NOTE: Based on recent changes, you may require a higher English test score. Additionally, if you do NOT reach your two years of work on your 457 visa prior to March 2018, you may need to consider other options.

If you have not been working on a 457 visa for two years (with the same employer), but you can hold a qualification that is relevant – and at the correct skill level – you are eligible through the Direct Entry stream of the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (187). NOTE: If your occupation is NOT on the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), you are ONLY eligible to lodge a 187 Direct Entry visa before March 2018. Some occupations on the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) may be exempted but Immigration has not confirmed the occupations. 

In the Direct Entry stream, some occupations require a skill assessment and we will manage this with you. We provide checklists of documents needed, we review and advise on your paperwork and we lodge and following up with the assessment body.

You must be sponsored by employer located in a designated regional area. These areas include all of South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory and Tasmania. Employers in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales must be located outside the metropolitan areas. Employers sponsoring on the Temporary Resident Transitions stream need to meet the training benchmark requirement. The nomination must be approved by the relevant Regional Certifying Body. We help your employer with this and all other steps of their sponsorship of you.

You must meet the requirements around age, English skills and skill (work experience or qualification) in an occupation on the Regional Skilled Migration Skilled Occupation List (RSMSOL) . The job must be full time, offered for at least two years and meet market salary rates.

We can determine your eligibility for a visa. Please complete our online assessment form and we will provide information on the steps, fees and process.

NOTE: Effective Monday 29 January 2018, our No Visa, No Fee Guarantee does not apply to employer sponsored visas.

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