Kevin & Helen’s Story - Working Holiday Visa to Permanent Residency

When Irish couple Kevin and Helen arrived in Australia on Working Holiday Visas, they didn’t imagine that one day they’d be Permanent Residents.

The couple started looking into the possibility of employer sponsorship after their first Working Holiday Visas, but eventually decided that permanent residency was the right route for them.

As an experienced and qualified Carpenter, Kevin met the criteria for a Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189). To receive an invitation to apply for the Subclass 189 visa, the applicant must meet the ‘points test’. Although Kevin was awarded points for his age, qualifications and work experience, he needed additional points and undertook the IELTS English test to gain these.

Why Australia?

Helen, Kevin’s de facto partner, said the couple decided to leave Ireland because of the lack of steady construction work and were also keen to see more of the world.

The pair decided to settle in Melbourne because of the laidback lifestyle and “homely” feel of the Victorian city.

For Helen, “the weather, the people and the freedom” are the best things about Australia, but it’s not quite as she imagined.

“It is different because it’s not like what you see it been portrayed as on the television! You have to work hard to survive out here. Nothing is handed to you, which is a good thing I think because it builds your character and gives you a proud feeling when it all works out!”

“They know all the smaller details that you wouldn't know about.”

For Helen and her partner, using a Registered Migration Agent to oversee their application was definitely worthwhile.

Would she recommend True Blue Migration Services? Absolutely!

Kevin and Helen were granted Australian Permanent Residency in August 2014 and plan to remain in Australia for at least the next five years.

If you’re interested in applying for Permanent Residency, get in touch for a free eligibility assessment. You never know, you could be following in Kevin and Helen’s footsteps!

“I would because they are 100% above board so you have total confidence in them.”
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