A Fairy-Tale Ending for a Wonderful Couple

Ro and Megs

Ro and Megs were recently granted a New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa (Subclass 461).

Here is there story, as told by Ro.

Why did you decide to migrate to Australia?

I met and fell head over heels in love with my partner Megan in the UK a few weeks before she returned home to Australia having spent 5 years over there. Just my luck to meet and fall in love with somebody just about to leave the country! After three months of having a long distance relationship and trying to find a visa to enable us to be together, we had pretty much given up all hope. I was desperate and just came to Australia on a holiday visa to see and spend time with Megan. After arriving we saw an advert for True Blue Migration, and gave them a call. The rest is history.

How have you found the visa process? Ups and downs?

The visa process is one of the most horrifying and scariest things on the planet. Two people fall in love and want to settle down start a life and a family but you need a piece of paper to do this! The uncertainty and the waiting is the hardest part, not knowing if I will have to leave the woman of my dreams because I don’t have a piece of paper in my hands. In the back of my head though I always told myself that True Blue would not take my case with a no win, no fee clause if they did not think I had a strong case to succeed.

Why did you choose True Blue Migration?

We spoke to several agents before True Blue, but chose them because Joy was so helpful and efficient we just trusted her. Everybody else wanted to charge us for a meeting and would not give us any free information. Joy was so helpful and honest we knew they were the agents to help us.

Did having a Migration Agent benefit you?

Oh yes just the reassurance of somebody helping you and answering the 101 questions you have on a daily basis is worth the money, let alone the reassurance that the forms are correct and information provided is all there. One mistake could cost a visa and I know people who have done it themselves, made mistakes and been refused.

How did it feel when the visa was granted?

We both cried and to be honest a week later we are both still in shock. It doesn’t feel real, 5 months of uncertainty is now over. We have a future finally [and] the rest should be plain sailing.

True Blue will reduce all the stress and heartache of getting a visa. They hold your hand the whole way through and believe me, having somebody hold your hand through this stressful time will be worth every penny, I guarantee.

Ro and Megs plan to remain in Australia, with Ro applying for citizenship as soon as possible. The couple have settled in Melbourne, and say they love it because of the “lovely people” and great attractions.

Everyone at True Blue Migration wishes Ro and Megs a long and happy future in Australia.

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