15 Great Reasons to Move to Australia

We know what you’re thinking: ‘Jeez, living in Oz is my dream, but if I’m going to do it I need some facts, some stats, some info so I know exactly where I’m going to live, and what I’m going to do workwise.’

Well, we’re all about helping people here at True Blue Migration, whether it’s handling the visa application process or moving to our amazing cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

We’ve put together some handy facts and figures in the graphic below to give you some useful information when making your decision, and some of them are so enticing you may well be on the next plane out here after reading it.

If you’re a plumber, nurse, IT specialist or accountant, congratulations! They’re currently the four most in-demand professions, giving you the pick of where to live and opportunity to earn a great wage.

The majority of professional migrants choose to base themselves in Western Australia, home to the stunning Perth, and become one of the 23 million population of Australia – a population consistently scoring highly in the Better Life Index.

The diversity here in Oz is difficult to match anywhere else in the world; we’ve over 200 dialects spoken here including Greek, Vietnamese, Mandarin and 45 indigenous languages. The diversity of the population is matched by the land, with a range of climates from tropical, sub-tropical, desert and snowy mountain ranges.

Dive into the graphic below to uncover more amazing facts about Australia and where you fit in!

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Australia Infographic

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