AAT Processing Times

Lodged a visa appeal and wondering how long it will take?
If you’re planning to appeal a visa decision through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), you’ll probably want to know how long your wait will be.

Waiting to have your case heard can be agonising and the length of time that you’ll be in limbo depends on a number of factors, including the type of case and when your case is given to a decision-maker for review.

The AAT recently published processing times for decisions made over the last six months and it makes difficult reading for anyone expecting a speedy decision.

According to the statistics released, partner visa decisions take 483 days on average and decisions relating to temporary work visas take 404 days. Most decisions take around this length of time, with the exception of bridging and visitor visa decisions, which are normally made within 40 and 264 days respectively.

When will your case be allocated?
Cases are normally allocated to decision-makers in priority and date order; however, the AAT occasionally takes a targeted approach and singles out batches of certain visa types for early review.

Cases involving people in immigration detention centres are normally given priority. Other high priority cases include protection visa appeals and visa cancellation cases.

Record numbers of visa appeals
Record numbers of visa appeals have been lodged with the AAT over the last year; the natural knock-on effect of an increase in visa refusals.

During the first quarter of the 2018-19 financial year, over 15,800 new applications were received, bringing the number of cases on hand to over 60,000. This is a major increase in AAT processing times, when one considers that in 2015, the number stood at just 22,000.

Ms Sian Leathem, the AAT’s Registrar, discussed this growing backlog during a Senate Estimates hearing in October. Referring to the increase in backlog, she noted that ‘the number of members available to review decisions has not kept pace with the demand’.

A number of strategies are being implemented to curb the backlog and improve AAT processing times, such as efficiency improvements and changes to the way cases are managed. Hopefully these changes will have an impact in the near future.

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