Is Australia the world’s most ‘livable’ country in 2020?

Australia has dealt remarkably well with the Covid-19 pandemic to date.

Rarely a month goes by when Australia doesn’t rank highly on one liveability index or another.

According to the 2019 Economist Intelligence Unit Global Liveability Ranking, Australia is home to three of top ten most liveable cities in the world (Melbourne 2nd, Sydney 3rd, Adelaide 10th).

It also features highly on a host of other global indexes that cover everything from health to trade and the economy.

Let’s face it, 2020 has so far been a difficult year for just about every country on the planet as we battle the Coronavirus pandemic; however, even in the midst of all of this, Australia has continued to outshine most other developed countries in terms of public health protection and overall management of the crisis.

So, you may ask, what exactly makes Australia such a livable place?


There’s plenty to love about Melbourne and it comes as little surprise to us that it placed second on the Economist Intelligence Unit Global Liveability Ranking.

A lively, cosmopolitan and friendly city, Melbourne is a cultural melting pot with something to offer everyone.

One of the great things about Melbourne is that you can also escape the city and spend a relaxing day at St Kilda or Brighton beach if you like; there’s literally something for everyone.

Melbourne’s also within easy reach of other amazing towns and attractions. Drive for just over an hour and you’ll reach the start of the spectacular Great Ocean Road, or fly for an hour and a half and you’ll be in Sydney.

If you’re thinking about applying for an Australian visa and relocating to Melbourne, there are plenty of great resources on the Live In Melbourne website, including information on schools and housing. It will tell you everything you need to know about living and working in this beautiful city.


With a population of just 1.2 million, Adelaide has a much more relaxed feel than other cities.

Hate traffic congestion? Then Adelaide is the place for you! You can get almost anywhere in the city within 20 minutes, leaving you with more time to spend at the beach or the park – and Adelaide has its fair share of both.

Some of Adelaide’s many attractions include Adelaide Zoo, the Art Gallery of South Australia and Adelaide Oval.

And of course, let’s not forget about the wine! South Australia is the country’s wine capital. Head to the Barossa Valley, Eden Valley or Clare Valley to sample what’s on offer.

Adelaide’s ideal for families looking for a safe and friendly place to live with plenty of places to enjoy outdoor activities.


Sydney is the country’s largest city, with a population of 4.5 million.

With its iconic skyline and breath-taking scenery, it’s not difficult to see why so many people flock there.

A little way outside the city you’ll find the famous Bondi Beach and the spectacular Blue Mountains.

There are great employment opportunities in Sydney and it’s perfect for anyone who craves the buzz of a busy city. However, if you’re moving to Australia for the quiet life then Sydney may not be the place for you.

It’s also more difficult to get on to the Sydney property market, compared to other Australian cities.


Last, but by no means least is Perth.

Located on the banks of the River Swan, Perth is the most isolated city in the world. It’s miles from anywhere – not that anyone in Perth seems to mind this – and for much of the year it basks in glorious sunshine.

If it’s blue skies and miles of unspoilt beaches you’re after, Perth is the place to be.

Perth’s also the place to be if you’re interested in tapping into the FIFO lifestyle and working in Western Australia’s thriving resources sector.

The nearby city of Fremantle also has much to offer in the way of attractions and eateries. Fremantle has more of a cosmopolitan feel than Perth city. You’ll find colourful markets to explore, as well as buskers and street performers on almost every corner.

Perth’s a great city if you love spending time outdoors; however, if you don’t like the thought of 40 degree summer days then perhaps consider somewhere on the east coast instead.

Something for everyone…

The wonderful thing about Australia is that there really is something for everyone. Whether you want the hustle and bustle of city life or a tranquil existence by the ocean – Australia has it all.

We’ve mentioned some of Australia’s largest cities, but don’t forget the country’s beautiful regional towns and remote areas.

If you’re thinking of moving Down Under on a long-term basis, one thing you will need is an Australian visa, whether that be a partner visa, parent visa or a visa related to your occupation.

The good news is that there are a range of different options open to migrants.

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