Avoid Refusal – 7 Reasons to Use a Migration Agent

No one wants to get a visa refusal. There are steps you can take to give your application a better chance of success.

By Joy Hay – Registered Migration Agent MARN 1465325

With visa refusals up 46%, getting professional help with your application has never been more important.

War is being waged. It was revealed last week that visa refusals are up by a staggering 46% in 2017/19, compared to the previous year. In an interview with the Today Show, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said he’s focusing on “fraudulent claims” and “restoring integrity” to Australia’s border.

That may well be the case, but plenty of legitimate applications are also being impacted by this increased scrutiny. The last time Australia’s immigration intake was this low, John Howard was our Prime Minister.

We’re contacted every day by people who’ve had applications refused, sometimes over lack of clarity of a minor issue. In the past, the applicant may have received a Request for Information (RFI) from the Case Officer. The current approach is a flat out refusal.

If you’re planning to lodge an application in the near future, it’s never been more beneficial to use a registered migration agent. Almost every single day new policy changes and updates are announced; it’s almost impossible for anyone not in the industry to keep pace.

Relying on forums, your friends or Facebook groups for advice is a definite no-no in the current climate. Someone who lodged a visa themselves three years ago might have had an easy ride, but things have changed dramatically in the past 18 months – to two years. Don’t listen if they tell you it’s easy, because it’s not their future that’s at stake.

Take the new TSS visa for example, new rules regarding Labour Market Testing make it very easy for employers to trip up and lodge nominations that will be declined. Advertising in the wrong place or for one single day less than required will result in a refusal. There is no grey area with the Department of Home Affairs; you either meet their criteria or you don’t.

Here are some of the main reasons why using a Registered Migration Agent can mean the difference between a visa grant and a refusal:

Your agent is invested in your success, they work on your behalf

Your agent will do everything in their power to get your application over the line, prevent mistakes and ensure that you stand the best possible chance of success.

Your agent gets updates from industry bodies and agency support networks

Things literally change every day, we’re not even exaggerating. Small policy updates are made regularly, and these small updates can have a BIG impact on applications. Only major changes make the headlines, but agents receive small updates on a regular and ongoing basis. This covers everything from English score changes, work experience verification processes, occupational shortage list changes, skill assessment validity dates, dependent requirements and Regional Certifying Body recruitment steps. This knowledge can mean the difference between an approval and a refusal.

Your agent can access current legislation and policy manual – we know what a Case Officer look to when making a decision

We know what Case Officers look for in an application. We spend years slaving away at university and attending professional development events to become agents and maintain our agent registration. We didn’t gain this knowledge overnight.

Your agent knows fact from fiction

If we had a dollar for every migration myth we’ve heard or read, we’d be able to relocate our office to a chateau in the south of France.

We die a little inside every time we see outright incorrect advice being posted on Facebook and in migration forums. People are constantly sharing out-dated tips and, although it may be well-intentioned, listening to them could mean that you’re sent packing.

We’ve seen everything, from “Facebook photos and texts are enough for partner applications” to “a Gumtree ad is okay for Labour Market Testing”. They’re not, BTW.

We offer free assessments, so there’s no reason at all to be getting your migration advice from a stranger with no qualifications in this area.

Having an agent means not waiting for 3 hours on phone to 131 881 to get different answers

If you have the time to wait on hold for three hours and are comfortable getting different answers each time you phone, you could contact Immigration when you have an issue. A migration agent will deal Immigration on your behalf, though, and keep you sane!

Your agent is regulated by MARA and is accountable to you

Agents are regulated and accountable. We abide by a code of conduct and have a responsibility to ensure your application has the strongest possible chance of success.

Not all agents are equal – experience and success rates matter

Like lawyers, doctors and hairdressers, not all agents are equal. Everyone has to start somewhere, but using an inexperienced agent to manage your application in the current climate is probably not advisable.

Read Google Reviews, check your agent’s Facebook account and have a look at their website. Do they look like a well-regarded and successful business? Do you trust them enough to put your future in their hands?

As with anything in life, you get what you pay for. Few people would argue that it isn’t worth spending extra to have your application managed by an experienced team with a high success rate.

Do you want your hair cut for $10 in the mall, or by an experienced professional who can make you look like Jennifer Aniston? Choose quality.

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