Construction Jobs In Australia

Australia’s population is growing – a fact that has left many people in a flap about a lack of housing supply.

We discussed this in a recent blog post, and we came to the conclusion that we shouldn’t be reaching for the panic button just yet.

Building activity reaches a nine-year high

According to new research published by the Australian Industry Group and Housing Industry Association (HIA), September was a particularly productive month for the nation’s building firms. Contrary to recent headlines, there are still construction jobs in Australia for people with the right skills.

The Australian Performance of Construction Index registered a score of 59.1, which was a 4.1-point improvement on the previous month and was the strongest rate of expansion for nine years. House building activity (61.7 points) and apartment building (60.5 points) were buoyant, while commercial construction growth was also up by three points to 58.4.

Although engineering construction growth continued to slow, there’s little doubt that September was a great month for the industry as a whole, with HIA Chief Economist, Harley Dale, suggesting that residential construction growth “should continue throughout 2014/15”.

Housebuilding in Australia

Will construction jobs be ever-present on Australia’s SOL?

We all know that Australia’s Skilled Occupations List (SOL) is subject to change, but should we expect construction roles to become a more permanent fixture on this important list?

The evidence seems to suggest we should.

With the country’s population continuing to expand on an annual basis, the need for new properties – both residential and commercial – will only increase. Earlier this year, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) warned that if current trends persist, there will be a shortfall of 2.3 million workers throughout Australia by 2030 (across all industry sectors).

ABC News reported BCG’s Brad Noakes as saying that these projections might surprise a few people, given the fact that Australia’s unemployment rate has risen of late, but having assessed historical GDP growth rates, he concluded that a labour shortage is likely in the long term.

This is great news for skilled expats currently living in Australia who are hoping to secure permanent residency. There’s been a noticeable spurt in construction activity in Western Australia in recent years, while the high demand for accommodation over on the east coast means that further building work is inevitable. Simply put – these jobs need to be filled by somebody.

Construction industry in Australia

Why you need a migration agent

Regardless of how many miles you’ve racked up in the building trade, some expats still find it difficult to land a job Down Under, and there are a number of reasons for this.

A lot of people lack awareness of the country’s immigration laws, not realising that they are eligible to stay on a permanent basis. This is why choosing a migration agent in Perth, Melbourne, or wherever you hope to lay some roots, with a wealth of knowledge and experience is crucial.

True Blue constantly monitors the SOL and we know exactly what it takes for non-native construction professionals to obtain permanent residency. We leave nothing to chance and will take care of all of the formalities for you, which means all you have to worry about is honing your construction skills.

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