Fact! Moving to Australia Can Make You Happy

Moving to Australia is obviously an incredibly big decision, and it’s natural that some people will have doubts in their mind, especially if they are relocating to a faraway land. Littered with stunning cities like Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, it’s clear to see why it’s such a popular choice.

However, statistics show us that very few expats look back on this huge moment in their life with any sense of regret.
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Expats are happy!

A recent study conducted by international private medical insurance broker Medibroker showed that the vast majority of expats around the world are happy that they relocated. Around 80% of the survey respondents confirmed they either “really enjoyed” or “enjoyed” their new life in a foreign country. On the flipside, a mere 2% suggested that life overseas was not what they had been hoping for.

These are telling statistics, but what exactly do expats cite as the main reason for their improved outlook on life? Unsurprisingly, better climates and weather were at the top of the list for 60% of those polled, while a similar number stated that they were happiest about improved living conditions.

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Why moving to Australia is the smart choice

Interestingly, out of those expats who were not content in their new location, the majority said this was because they found it hard to integrate into a new culture and way of life.

This is perhaps why so many people from English-speaking countries consider moving to Australia. According to the British Consulate, there are around 1.062 million British expats currently residing permanently in Australia – approximately 5% of the country’s overall population. On top of this, somewhere in the region of 9% of the population claim to have Irish roots.

Add this to the fact that Australia’s population grew by 1.7% in 2013, and it’s clear that a lot of people are settling in very nicely Down Under. There are 23.5 million people living in the country at the moment, and it wouldn’t surprise us to see this figure rise considerably in the coming years.

Although adjusting to the warmer weather can be tricky for those moving south from the UK and Ireland, it is far easier for them to adapt to the Australian lifestyle as there are no language barriers to overcome.

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One of the happiest places on Earth

Research published by Columbia University’s Earth Institute in 2013 showed that Australia is one of the top 10 happiest places in the world.

The organisation gauged the general happiness of people across the globe before coming up with a definitive list of the most preferable places to live. For the record, Ireland finished in 18th place, while the UK was even further down in 22nd. The chart was topped by Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Sweden.

We’ve already mentioned the favourable climate, but Australia also has a thriving economy, plenty of jobs, magnificent natural scenery, stunning beaches and some of the trendiest, most cosmopolitan towns and cities on the planet.

Is it any wonder that everybody’s got a smile on their face?

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