Looking for a Job? These are the Industries Hiring During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Several industries are still hiring, despite the Coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on the Australian economy.

The events of the last few weeks have been simply unprecedented. Many hospitality venues, beauty salons, tourist attractions and shops have been forced to close their doors indefinitely, leaving millions of people out of work or on reduced hours.

The introduction of the Government’s JobKeeper payment came as a relief to citizens and permanent residents, offering employers an incentive to retain workers on the payroll, but lots of people are still on a vastly reduced incomes.

And importantly, the JobKeeper subsidy doesn’t apply to everyone. Millions of temporary visa holders, backpackers and casual workers have been left out in the cold.

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Is it possible to find employment during a pandemic?

Not all industries have suffered a downturn. In fact, some are experiencing a surge. Demand for healthcare workers, retail staff and logistics and procurement specialists has never been higher.

Let’s take a look at some of the industries still recruiting.


Woolworths is hiring 20,000 people and Coles is seeking more than 5,000 casual employees, with both supermarket giants experiencing unprecedented levels of demand.

Woolies has provided employment opportunities to thousands of Qantas workers who were temporarily stood down and redeployed workers from its ALH pubs arm to work in supermarkets.

Jobs available include check-out roles, night fill, cleaning and trolley collection, online delivery and in-store and multi-site management positions.

Shipping and delivery companies

Take a quick look on Seek.com, or any other jobs website, and you’ll see that demand has gone through the roof for packers, drivers and warehouse staff and logistics officers.

In the US, Amazon is recruiting 75,000 more workers to cope with demand and several companies are now waitlisting new online shopping customers. The same thing is happening here in Australia.

According to the NAB Online Retail Sales Index, online grocery and liquor sales were up 22.7 per cent in February, compared to the previous year.

If you’re hunting for a job now, definitely consider the transport and logistics industry. From forklift truck drivers to order pickers, there are positions available to match all skill levels.


The Government is recruiting heavily and it’s not just nurses and doctor’s that they’re after. They need to fill a whole host of support roles.

Centrelink is reportedly recruiting an additional 5,000 employees to deal with a surge in the number of people seeking welfare assistance.

If you visit your local Department of Health website, you’ll find dozens of roles with immediate starts.

In WA, for example, the Department of Health is seeking employees within procurement and supply, administration, ICT and workforce and organisational development.

IT industry

With an increasing number of people working remotely and companies gearing up their online operations, demand for IT specialists is high.

Whilst some employers always had remote working capabilities, others were caught on the back foot and are frantically trying to implement secure and functional systems.

Online learning providers are also experiencing a boom as schools and universities scramble to temporarily deliver classes online.

Hands up if you’ve been on Zoom in the last month? The cloud-based video conferencing provider is experiencing unprecedented levels of demand from all sectors, as well as families and friends wanting to catch up with each other.

Mining and resources

Mining giant BHP has announced plans to hire 1,500 people on short-term contracts.

Social distancing measures mean BHP is temporarily creating smaller teams and introducing different shift patterns. As a result, there are gaps to plug.

Opportunities are available in WA, QLD, NSW and SA.

Jobs roles on offer include cleaners, machinery operators, excavator operators, diesel mechanics and trade assistants.


Working Holiday Visa holders have always helped to fill skill gaps in the Australian agricultural industry and roles are still available on farms and in picking/packing sheds.

Whilst some of these positions will be filled by Australian citizens and permanent residents who lost their jobs or had hours reduced due to the current crisis, WAFarmers president Rhys Turton said the industry “won’t forget the backpackers”.

The Government last week announced greater flexibility for visa holders employed in critical sectors such as agriculture and a relaxation of the normal six-month work limit with one employer.

Details of a new Covid-19 pandemic event stream of the subclass 408 (temporary activity visa) were also unveiled. This new visa is designed to provide an option for people who cannot leave Australia, aren’t eligible to apply for other visa types and work in critical areas such as agriculture and nursing.

Call centres

Telstra is hiring 1,000 temporary contractors in Australia after it was forced to close its call centres in the Philippines.

Training for these roles will be conducted remotely to minimise risk off Covid-19 transmission between workers.

Speaking to The Australian, the Telstra executive in charge of its call centres, Claire Johnston, said this hiring spree is likely to continue over the coming weeks and months.

Takeaways and delivery drivers

Domino’s pizza shops have seen demand skyrocket in recent months as Australians are unable to eat out.

The company is recruiting 2,000 workers to prepare and deliver meals.

A statement on Domino’s website says the company is encouraging workers with easily transferable skills from “the tourism, events and hospitality industries” to apply.

What roles will be in demand going forward?

There’s no doubt about it, the Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down and the employment landscape is likely to change in the years ahead.

Here at True Blue Migration Services, we anticipate that demand will be high for the following occupations:

Resourcing / helping Australia now 
  • Farmer
  • Agricultural Consultant or Advisor
  • Manufacturer
  • Maintenance Planner
  • Production or Plant Engineer
  • Supply and Distribution Manager
  • Fleet Manager
  • Transport Company Manager
  • Transport Engineer
  • Education Managers / Education Adviser
  • IT occupations /  Telecommunications Engineers
  • Accommodation Manager
  • Quarantine Officer
  • Primary Products Inspectors
  • Security Consultant
Medical and Scientists 
  • Laboratory Manager
  • Health Information Manager
  • Records Manager
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Food Technologist
  • Biotechnologist / Molecular Biologist
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist
  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Ambulance Officer
Getting businesses moving again 
  • Sales and Marketing Managers
  • Public Relations / Advertising
  • Policy Managers
  • Importers and Exporters
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Facilities Manager
  • Finance Manager / Accountants
  • Traders / stockbrokers / dealers
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Economist
  • Sales Representative
  • Chef / Cook / Baker
Managing longer term community and social impacts 
  • Welfare Worker
  • Health Promotion Officer
  • Complementary Health Therapists
  • Drug and Alcohol Counsellor
  • Family and Marriage Counsellor
  • Student Counsellor
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Social Worker
  • Family Support Worker
  • Youth Worker
  • Residential Care Worker
Tourism and Services 
  • Caravan Park and Camping Ground Manager
  • Motel Manager
  • Event Managers
  • Salon Managers
  • Fitness Centre Managers

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