Migration Insurance

Stressed at the thought of moving overseas? Found an employer willing to sponsor you but want some security? Make your move without the risk and protect yourself with migration insurance.

Moving to a new country can be incredibly exciting… as well as incredibly stressful. Although things work out for the best in most cases, unfortunately, life doesn’t always go to plan.

What happens if you’re made redundant, you require urgent medical treatment or you need to return to your country of origin because of an ill relative?

Migrating is already expensive enough, without worrying about the financial implications if things don’t work out.

If you’ve uprooted your family and invested your savings in visas, temporary accommodation, shipping containers and airfares, then the cost of having to return because of an emergency or redundancy could be financially crippling. Don’t stress too much though, because there is a safety net.

Don’t Gamble With Your Future.

Your migration doesn’t need to be a gamble. For the cost of a return airfare, you can protect your family and your finances by purchasing a Migration Protect Insurance policy.

This insurance policy isn’t suitable for all migrants, but if you’re moving here on a 457 temporary work visa or you’re relocating your family on an employer-nominated PR visa or a skilled independent visa, it’s certainly worth considering. Onshore visa applicants can also purchase cover.

A massive bonus of Migration Protect Insurance is that a health insurance component can be added to the policy, which complies with the Government’s health cover requirements for 457 visa holders.

The way we look at it is, if you have to invest in health cover anyway, then why not pay a little extra and protect the other areas of your life too. With migration insurance, you can set out on the right foot, knowing that someone’s got your back if things go wrong.

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What’s Included?
The policy inclusions depend on whether you opt for single cover or family cover.

You can get a quotation here.

If you choose Migration Protect Insurance and Medical Insurance combined, you’ll be covered for:
• Death and disablement
• Loss of hearing
• Loss of eyesight
• Travel insurance
• Costs associated with involuntary retrenchment
• Migration agent advice
• Skill assessments
• Recruitment fees
• Return airfares to country of origin
• Pet repatriation
• Temporary accommodation costs
• Airfares in the event of family death or illness
• Loss of tenancy bonds
• General medical cover such as doctor visits and ambulance services
• …And more.

Naturally, we hope that none of our clients will ever need to make a claim. We like nothing more than catching up with people a few years down the line and seeing how well they’ve settled in. However, if you’re looking for some added peace of mind as you start out on your migration journey, this may be a product worth considering.

For more information about Migration Protect insurance or to arrange a consultation with a Registered Migration Agent, visit truebluemigration.com or call (WA) 08 6189 5333 (VIC) 03 9038 9070.
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