New Temporary Parent Visa

Living in Australia but missing your parents back home? There’s good news!

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has announced plans to introduce a new temporary visa option for parents. Although things haven’t been finalised yet, it’s looking like this new subclass will be on offer from July 2017.

A discussion paper on the new temporary Australian parent visa was launched last month and full details are due to be announced later this year.

The Government has invited members of the public to make submissions on the development of this new visa type. Anyone who wants to contribute to the discussion can do so via email before 31 October 2016. You’ll find more info here.

What We Know So Far

• The new visa won’t offer permanent residency, but parents may able to stay continuously for up to five years. The Government has indicated that the length of the visa granted will depend on the child’s ability to support their parent and also on the health of the visa applicant. The Government is keen to strike the right balance between uniting families and ensuring that they aren’t a burden on Australian taxpayers.
• One of the downsides to this proposed visa is that unlike other parent visas, visa holders won’t be entitled to access Australia’s public healthcare system or welfare payments. It’s likely that parents will need to organise their own health insurance through a provider such as Bupa.
• It will be a requirement of the visa that parents be sponsored by their Australian child. The sponsor must have been living in Australia for several years and must be able to demonstrate their ability to support their parents financially if necessary. It’s not yet clear whether the sponsoring child must be a citizen or whether Australian permanent residents will also be eligible.
• A bond arrangement may be put in place whereby the sponsoring child puts up a sum of money which can be used to cover any unexpected health costs.
• It hasn’t yet been determined whether parents on this visa will have work rights. It would certainly be helpful if this was the case. Australia can always benefit from experienced, skilled workers.
• There may be English language requirements attached to the visa or the parent may be required to commit to improving their English whilst here.

Current Parent Visa Options

Although we welcome the introduction of this new option for parents, it’s important to note that this is not a permanent residency visa and can’t compete with other parent visa options – particularly the Contributory Parent Visa – in terms of security.

For information on the other options available to parents, click here.

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