Reasons Why Partner Visas Are Refused

Partner visas are expensive and take a long time to process. You need to ensure you lodge a quality application first time around.

By Joy Hay – Registered Migration Agent MARN 1465325

There are many reasons why partner visas are refused. Here’s how you can prevent it. 

Australian partner visa applications are not cheap. In fact, they’re one of the most expensive visa types to apply for at over $7,000. That’s before you factor in the cost of police checks and other bits and pieces.

Putting an application together can be incredibly stressful and at the end of it all, you might be waiting up to two years for a decision. To deal with a visa refusal at that point is devastating.

For most people, a partner visa refusal isn’t about the money, it’s about the time. Yes, finding another $7,715 or appealing your refusal is costly, but you’ll never be able to buy back the two years of agonising wait time. The whole point of applying for a partner visa is to guarantee yourself some stability and start building your future in Australia, so to face another period in limbo can be frustrating at best and heartbreaking at worst.

It sounds incredibly simple, but the best thing you can do is take your time, seek professional advice and get it right first time. Two years is a long time to wait to find out that you messed up something that could have been easily prevented.

Common reasons for refusal
There are a whole range of reasons why partner visas are refused, but it normally boils down to one of the following:

  1. Your relationship is not considered genuine
  2. You did not respond to an Immigration request for further information (strict response timelines apply, and a Case Officer does not send reminders)
  3. You did not submit enough relevant evidence, addressing the different assessment criteria
  4. Your application surfaced conflicting evidence from different sources (social media versus statements from family versus financial statements)
  5. There were inconsistent dates relating to your relationship
  6. The wrong forms are completed, or the right forms are incorrectly completed
  7. Bogus information was included the application (or you submitted a previous visa application with bogus information, and it is now revealed)
  8. Your Australian partner (your sponsor) is barred from being a sponsor
  9. You did not meet health or character requirements

Many people choose to lodge partner visas by themselves, which is understandable because the cost is so high. However, if you can afford to work with a Registered Migration Agent then it could be highly worth your while. An Agent will manage your application and liaise with Case Officers on your behalf.

Here at True Blue Migration, partner visa refusals are so rare that we even offer a no visa, no fee guarantee on them. In our 13-year history, we have never had a partner visa refused.  To put this into perspective, it was revealed by the Department of Home Affairs earlier this year that over one third of partner visa applications are refused when not submitted by an agent.

If you do choose to go it alone, make sure you do your homework and triple-check your application.

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