TSS Visa Processing Times

The time it takes to process a TSS visa application depends on a number of factors, such as whether you're application is 'complete' at the time of lodgement and whether the Department issues you with any requests for further information in relation to your application.

By Joy Hay – Registered Migration Agent MARN 1465325

The TSS visa replaced the 457 visa earlier this year and the True Blue Migration team has already lodged several applications.

Our agents are seeing much faster TSS visa processing times than the 457 visa, with some nominations coming through in just a day.
If you’re planning to apply for a TSS visa in the near future, you’ll no doubt be wondering how long it takes and what you can do to speed up the process.

Labour Marketing Testing is a Priority

A nomination can’t be lodged until labour market testing has been done. At present, the job must be advertised in two approved places for 21 days. The sooner you carry out labour market testing, the sooner you can lodge an application. It’s also vital that this is carried out correctly. Advertising a position for 20 days on Gumtree won’t cut the mustard.

Lodge Together

Australian Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) applications can be lodged at the same time as the nomination and visa application; you do not need to wait. Completing these three steps in one go will most definitely save you time.

Because nominations are coming through fast, you should make sure that your English test is booked or completed (if necessary) and that your police clearances are organised. If you’re working with an agent, they’ll assist with this.

How Long?

We can’t tell you exactly how quickly an application will be processed as there are too many factors involved. However, in our experience, new SBS applications are being processed in less than ten days and we’ve seen nominations come through in just a day or two.

The visa application part itself is usually processed within three weeks, although this can vary. Accredited sponsors can see applications approved in as little as 48 hours!

Does the TSS visa have priority processing?

Yes, there are circumstances under which a visa can be processed more quickly.

If an employer already holds SBS approval for 457 workers, this approval can be used for the TSS visa too; a new SBS isn’t needed. Applications are also processed quickly when a person who already holds a TSS or 457 visa is being nominated on a TSS and moving across to a new approved sponsor.

As we mentioned earlier, employers with accredited sponsorship status are eligible for streamlined processing. This status is generally only given to government agencies and large companies.

Nominations and applications lodged under labour agreements can also benefit from speedy processing, as can applications for positions in regional locations.

Minimise Requests

Receiving Immigration requests for further information can delay your application.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but ensuring your documents are in good order and that any necessary English tests and police checks have been completed is most definitely advisable. A detailed statement of genuine need may help the Case Officer understand the sponsor’s position and make a quicker decision.

The only communication you want to receive from Immigration is your visa grant letter!

Use a Registered Migration Agent

If you’re concerned about TSS processing times and need a quick decision, you may wish to consider enlisting the services of an agent.

Although agents cannot guarantee fast decisions, they can help you to prepare your application quickly and minimise the likelihood of requests.

An agent can also liaise with Immigration, provide labour market testing guidance and assist with police checks and English tests.

Finally, unlike a 457 visa, the TSS has a ‘one nomination – one visa’ rule. This means that if your TSS nomination is refused, so are your visas. You can’t link your pending TSS visa to a new TSS nomination. This can put you several thousand dollars our of pocket.

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