TSS Visa (Subclass 482) to PR

Before we know it, the 457 visa will be a distant memory and the Government’s new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa program (Subclass 482) will be in full swing.

Transitioning to permanent residency from the 457 visa was relatively straightforward, with most people eligible for a 186 visa after two years via the Temporary Resident Transition Stream. So, what happens once the TSS visa kicks in?

TSS visa to PR
The 482 visa will be split into two streams. If you’re only eligible for the short-term stream then unfortunately you will not be able to transition to permanent residency.

However, if you get a TSS visa via the medium-term stream, you may be able to apply for PR after three years. Basically, it’s a year longer than it was under the 457 visa scheme, but the good news is that at least there is a pathway for you.

457 visa to PR before March 2018
If you’re on a 457 visa that was granted before April 18th 2017, but you won’t have clocked up 2 years with your employer prior to March 2018, I’m afraid it’s a waiting game. The details around the transitional or ‘grandfathering’ arrangements will be announced closer to the implementation date of the TSS visa.

Other Options
One thing to remember is that you may be eligible for a PR visa without having to go down the route of employer-sponsorship. You may already be eligible for State sponsorship or for a skilled independent visa. Or, you might be able to apply for a direct entry employer-sponsored PR visa.

If you seek professional guidance from a Registered Migration Agent, they will explore the full range of options with you and recommend the best route for you to take.

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