Using a MARA-registered Migration Agent

The visa application process can be time-consuming, frustrating and incredibly stressful.

Navigating paperwork, red tape, rules and regulations, sudden changes and refusals can be overwhelming for even the most organised people.

If you’re starting to feel the pressure, perhaps you should considered working with a MARA-registered Migration Agent, rather than going it alone. MARA stands for Migration Agents Registration Authority. MARA is affiliated with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, and acts as a regulator for the industry.

You should only ever use an Agent that is MARA-registered. You can search online to ensure that your Agent is fully above board.

A Migration Agent can prepare your application for you, liaise with immigration on your behalf, guide you through the visa process, recommend the best options for you and help you to appeal a visa refusal.

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A MARA-registered Agent is qualified in the area of migration and is guided by an industry code of conduct. Although a Migration Agent cannot guarantee that your application will successful, using one can certainly maximise your chances of a positive outcome.

According to Government statistics, around 75% of people applying for an employer-sponsored visa use a Registered Migration Agent to lode their application. Not only to Migration Agents stay up-to-date on the latest legislation changes relating to Australian visas, they are also required to undertake continuing professional development.

Here at True Blue Migration Services, we are contacted regularly by people who have attempted to lodge their own visa applications and failed. Many applicants waste thousands of dollars on unsuccessful skill assessments or apply for visas which they are not eligible for. It’s better to get things right first time than to risk your future prospects in Australia (and your finances) with a botched visa application. True, you will have to pay for the services of a professional Agent, but they can provide you with peace of mind and prevent you from making costly mistakes.

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The office of MARA recommends that potential visa applicants consider a few things before choosing an Agent. These include finding out the costs involved, asking for an official contract and researching your Agent to see if they have expertise necessary to really help you. The contract from your Migration Agent should list costs such as the Government visa fee for your particular visa type, the Agent’s professional management fee, skill assessment charges and medical costs.

Working With a Registered Migration Agent

Your Agent works on your behalf and will do everything in their power to ensure your visa application stands the best possible chance of success.

However, your Agent can’t do it alone. It’s important that you work with your Agent and provide any information you are asked for. It’s also essential to respond to your Agent’s requests in a timely manner. Remember, your Agent is working in your best interests, so co-operating will improve your chance of success.

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Staying Updated

Once your visa application has been lodged, it’s sometimes a waiting game. Depending on the visa you are applying for, it could take weeks or months to hear back from the Department of Immigration. Your Agent will let you know approximately how long you’ll be waiting for a response and will keep you updated on the progress of your application.

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If you’d like to learn more about working with an Agent, contact True Blue Migration Services today. We can explain how using a registered migration specialist may benefit you, based on your individual situation.

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