What Are Visa Caveats?

As part of the sweeping visa changes recently announced by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, a number of occupations under the 457 visa program now have caveats placed against them.

The 457 scheme will run until March 2018, after which it will be replaced by the Temporary Skill Shortage visa program.

These caveats apply to occupations under both visa schemes.
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So, what are visa caveats and what do they mean for you?
A caveat is basically a condition that you or your employer have to meet if you are being sponsored under a certain occupation. In total, there are caveats in place for 59 occupations.

For Conference and Event Organiser (ANZSCO 149311), a caveat has been imposed to exclude employers that have a turnover of less than $1M and applicants cannot be paid less than $65,000.

Similarly, anyone being sponsored as a Café or Restaurant Manager cannot be working in a casual or fast food environment or in a pub with only limited food service. In addition, they cannot be sponsored by a coffee shop, mall café or limited service pizza restaurant.

A Hairdresser can only be sponsored on a 457 visa now if the position requires more than two years of experience and a Massage Therapist cannot be based in a ‘therapeutic setting’.
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If you’re being sponsored as a Corporate General Manager, you must be on a base salary of at least $90,000 and Corporate Services Managers must earn in excess of $80,000.

If an occupation does not have a caveat imposed on it then the general 457 visa / TSS visa minimum income threshold of $53,900 will apply.

Location is also a factor for some occupations. For example, Dairy Cattle Farmers can now only be sponsored in a regional area.
Confusing? You’re damn right it is.

A full list of the caveated occupations can be found here.

If you’re planning to apply for a 457 visa in the near future of a TSS visa next year, you can contact the professionals at True Blue Migration Services for a free consultation. We can point you in the right direction and assess your options.

Don’t panic if there’s a caveat in place against your occupation and you don’t think you’ll meet the criteria, there may be another option for you such as a partner 309/100 visa or an independent skilled visa.
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