What does Melbourne mean to you?

You’ll never forget the first moment you set foot in Australia. The gorgeous weather, the laidback lifestyle and the friendly locals. No matter what part of the world you come from, Australia is unlike anywhere else.

A popular destination for many of those who visit our glorious country is Melbourne. A place known for its captivating culture and social scene, Melbourne has a knack for turning holidaymakers into permanent residents. So what is it that makes this place so magical?

Well, quite a lot of things actually! We took to Reddit to ask natives what Melbourne means to them, and while the answers were certainly varied, there was an overwhelming sense of positivity. It appears that the hype surrounding Melbourne is more than justified.

A fantastic reputation that has well deserved

It’s not just the holiday rush that makes you feel differently. Travelling is one thing, but moving is another entirely. Think you’re ready to make the move to Melbourne? Perhaps some of these examples from our recent discussion on Reddit will help to make up your mind.
Reddit user talks about life in Melbourne
We asked users the simple question; ‘What does Melbourne mean to you?’

One local explained that they travelled to Melbourne to study at RMIT. During their three years there, Melbourne became home. “What struck me most was the sort of duality of being so lively, yet laid back. It’s incredible how easy it was to gel with everyone you run into. Happy, welcoming, and everyone has something interesting to offer.

“You don’t go to Melbourne for the weather, but for the culture instead. The arts, the music and the coffee. The goddamn coffee! It was hard to significantly lower my standards after returning home.”

“I’m currently working on migrating and I hope to call Melbourne ‘home’ soon.”

Locals joined our discussion to wax lyrical about life in Melbourne and opened up about what they love the most.

Reddit users were quick to discuss why people move to Melbourne
Another native commented: “Melbourne to me means freedom and opportunity, beautiful forests, beaches, landscape, gardens, architecture, sport and the best sounding birds in the world.
It means youth and free spirit or culture, it means inclusion, love and working together. It means everything to me, and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

We’re a passionate bunch of course, but it’s the gorgeous setting of Melbourne that really brings it out of us. A common answer we heard was that the rich culture was a huge bonus from those living in the city. One Reddit user shared with us: “Many people walk around streets unaware of the great heritage and history of Melbourne, from the Victorian architecture and the gold rush which made Melbourne a rich city. Every time I head into the city I am struck by the vibrancy… there’s the great sports scene, good coffee and cafés, lots of diverse food.”

Recently named as the ‘World’s Most Livable City’ for the fifth consecutive year, Melbourne still has bags and bags of potential to fulfil. From the food of Little Saigon to the incredible sights of our Fringe festival; there really is something for everyone. Melbourne is an inclusive city and a true melting pot of cultures from all around the world. With so much regeneration and infrastructural improvements in the pipeline, it’s only going to get better!

Turning a holiday into home

A big move to a new country is of course not a decision you’ll take lightly. We understand that it takes time, but judging from the locals, there seems to be quite a bit that will make you want to stay.

So what happens if Melbourne has romanced you too? Well, if you’re looking to make a permanent move you can contact us today for a free visa assessment. We can explain all of the potential pathways and visas available, helping you to decide how to move to this great city.

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