10 Facts About the New Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa

Under the new temporary sponsored parent visa program, applicants can stay in Australia for up to ten years.

In this week’s Budget, the Government confirmed plans to introduce a new temporary sponsored parent visa, enabling parents to live in Australia for as long as a decade, but not settle here permanently.

Up to 15,000 people each year will be eligible to apply. The Government believes the visa will help families reduce their childcare costs as grandparents step in to share the load.

Here are ten things you need to know before applying for the temporary sponsored parent visa.

1. Applicants have two options; a three-year visa and a five-year visa, which cost $5,000 and $10,000 respectively.
2. Visas can be renewed once, which means parents can potentially stay in Australia for up to a decade if they apply for the five-year option and renew it.
3. Renewals must be made outside of Australia.
4. Children will need to act as financial guarantors for their parents, paying a bond and covering the cost of private health insurance.
5. The sponsor will have legal liability for the parent’s public health expenditure, which includes aged care provision.
6. Only Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens can act as sponsors. The good news is there’s no balance of family test. This means that even if you have several siblings living overseas, you can still sponsor your parents on this new visa.
7. There is no pathway to permanent residency on the temporary sponsored parent visa.
8. There is no age limit for parents or balance of family test.
9. The program commences on November 1st 2017. Parents hoping to snap up one of the 15,000 places should be ready to apply as soon as the scheme opens.
10. Existing contributory and non-contributory parent visa options are still open to new applicants. If you want to weigh this visa up against the other available options, our Registered Migration Agents can help you to determine which visa type is best given your individual circumstances.

Is the temporary sponsored parent visa a good deal?

If the contributory parent PR visa is out of your reach financially then this is a good back-up option. Obviously, the added cost of health insurance is a consideration, but if it means you can be reunited with your family and live in Australia for up to a decade then we have no doubt many people will jump at the chance to grab one of the 15,000 places.

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