Partner Visa Fees

Below is a General Guide Regarding the Government Costs Involved in Making a Partner Visa Application

Spouse or Defacto Visa Application (lodged outside Australia)
Prospective Spouse Application (lodged outside Australia)
Spouse or Defacto Visa Application (lodged inside Australia)
New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship application
Medical Examination
Police Checks
Translation of Documents (if required)

Partner Visa Application Prepared, Managed and Lodged by a True Blue Migration Agent

Management of your partner visa by a Registered Migration Agent
If you have lodged a partner visa that has been refused, you may be able to appeal the decision. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) charges a fee of $1,764 for an appeal. Our fee to manage an AAT appeal varies depending on the complexity of the case.
SURCHARGE: If your visa situation has an urgent deadline, and requires additional resources, there may be a surcharge applied to the management fee.
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