Temporary Work Short Stay Specialist (400 Visa)

For highly skilled people carrying out short-term work.


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Who is the Subclass 400 Visa for?

If you are an Australian employer seeking highly specialised overseas workers on a short-term basis (3 to 6 months), the temporary 400 visa may be the solution.

This visa is designed to help employers who would otherwise struggle to secure the specialised labour they need locally. It also allows skilled people to carry out work in Australia’s interests.

Eligible people can enter the country and start working within a relatively short timeframe, compared to other visas with longer processing times.

Standard business sponsorship approval is not required, but employers must produce a letter of support outlining why an overseas worker is needed.

Subclass 400 Visa Eligibility

The subclass 400 Visa has two streams:

1. The Highly Specialised Work Stream
Applicants under this stream must work in highly specialised roles and require a letter of support from an Australian employer. The work or project should be short-term, rather than ongoing.

2. Australia’s Interests Stream
Applicants under this stream must be carrying out work in Australia’s interests, such as roles related to trade interests.

We offer free assessments and one of our Registered Migration Agents will recommend the most suitable pathway, based on your business needs and the applicant’s skills.

Other Requirements

Applicants must:

  • Meet health and character requirements
  • Be able to support themselves and their dependents whilst in Australia
  • Be a genuine visitor to Australia i.e., stay temporarily and only engage in the work outlined in the application

400 Visa Processing Time

The current processing time is 4 to 14 days.

It offers a very fast solution for employers with an urgent requirement for specialised labour.

400 Visa Stay Period

Visa can be granted for up to six months with multiple entry rights.

400 Visa Charges

The fee for lodging an application for a subclass 400 visa is $325 for the main applicant, $325 for a partner (and a dependent child aged 18 or over) and $80 for children aged under 18.

What is the Difference Between the Subclass 400 and 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa?

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482) and Employer Nominated Scheme (subclass 186) are popular employer-sponsored options. Those visas are designed for longer term, ongoing work. Standard Business Sponsorship approval is required and processing times are longer.

For some occupations, the 482 Visa offers a pathway to PR; the subclass 400 Visa does not.

Workers on 400 Visas can apply for other visas before or after applying for their 400 Visa. Circumstances can change and if an applicant wishes to remain in Australia longer than the visa allows, other pathways can be utilised, subject to eligibility.

Can Dependents be Included in a Subclass 400 Visa Application?

Yes. Immediate family members can be included.

Can 400 Visa Holders Stay in Australia Longer?

As mentioned, subclass 400 Visa holders can apply for other visas, such as the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482) if they meet the requirements.

Applications can be made onshore and a Bridging Visa A (BVA) will be granted at the end of the 400 Visa’s validity period. With a BVA, an employee can continue working in Australia whilst their 482 Visa processes.

This visa is also an option for businesses that have lodged 482 Visa nominations but require a highly specialised worker within a shorter timeframe than 482 processing allows. Depending on the role, the applicant may be able to come to Australia on the 400 Visa whilst the 482 Visa continues to process.

Subclass 400 Visa Example

A typical scenario where a 400 Visa may be suitable:

A boat builder in NSW has a backlog of work because of poor weather conditions. They require a highly skilled fabricator with a very specialised skill set to meet project deadlines and clear the backlog (estimated time of 2-3 months to get back on track). They cannot find anyone locally.

True Blue Migration Fee

Initial assessments are free. A Registered Migration Agent will determine eligibility and outline the steps involved.

Our management fee is a single upfront payment of $1,500.

Why use True Blue Migration Services?

  • A Registered Migration Agent takes the stress out of the process
  • Been in business for 16 years
  • 7 Registered migration Agents
  • We know the intricacies of Australian immigration law
  • We take a very hands-on approach to support you through the application
  • Successfully managed thousands of visa cases
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We manage migration matters for multinational construction companies contracted to provide services for various major billion-dollar infrastructure projects including the Westgate Tunnel, Melbourne Metro, Snowy Hydro 2.0, Sydney Metro West and Cross River Rail projects.

We also manage migration matters for boutique services including hospitality, services technicians, health and wellbeing, sport, and other specialised services. There is no project or task too big or small.

Next Steps

To confirm eligibility, please email the potential applicant’s CV/resume, along with a position description of the role to [email protected].

Alternatively, call one of our offices and we will organise a free assessment (NSW) 02 8206 8869 (WA) 08 6189 5333 (VIC) 03 9038 9070

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