Standard Business Sponsorship Approval

An employer wanting to sponsor an overseas worker must obtain standard business sponsorship (SBS) approval from the Australian Government.

SBS approval is valid for 5 years and enables a business to nominate an overseas candidate in a role that cannot be filled locally.

Accredited sponsors are businesses and organisations that nominate a high volume of employees. These sponsors enjoy a special status and their SBS approval can be valid for up to 6 years.

You will need SBS approval if you intend to sponsor employees on the temporary skill shortage (482) visa, the trainee visa (407) or the temporary activity visa (408).


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SBS requirements

To be granted SBS approval, your business must generally be:

  • Operating lawfully
  • Have no adverse information recorded against it
  • Financially sound

Can an overseas business get SBS approval?

If a business is operating outside Australia, SBS approval for 482 nominations may be considered if Australian expansion plans are in place or if the business is contractually obliged to carry out work in Australia. The business must be lawfully operating and registered in the country it’s operating in.

Can a new business get SBS approval?

A new business can become a standard business sponsor as long as it can be evidenced that the business is lawfully operating. You may be able to show this through a lease agreement, staff employment contracts, marketing, equipment purchases or business bank statements. A Registered Migration Agent can help you to gather this information and prove that you’re eligible.

What type of businesses can apply for SBS approval?

Businesses and organisations of all sizes can apply for SBS approval for the 482 or 408 visas, including sole traders, educational institutes and public companies. For a 407 sponsorship approval, not all entities can be approved. True Blue Migration can confirm this with you.

How can I become an accredited sponsor?

You must meet the criteria to become an accredited sponsor. Most businesses are not eligible. Eligible sponsors include certain government agencies, companies that have made major investments in Australia (<$50m) and Australian Trusted Traders.

Can SBS approval be refused?

If your business has never been a sponsor before, it’s important to seek out professional advice. Applications for SBS approval can be declined for many reasons; the government may believe you employ too many overseas workers or that your balance sheet is too weak to support additional employees. New business owners can also struggle to show that they’re lawfully operating and in a healthy financial position.

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Our Registered Migration Agents can assess your eligibility for SBS approval and recommend the best pathway for you to take.

What are the benefits of SBS approval?

If you hold SBS approval, you can quickly fill labour shortages within your business.

Sponsorship obligations

Sponsors do need to meet certain obligations. For example, you will need to make sure that you pay your employees correctly, provide equivalent working conditions for overseas workers and not discriminate when recruiting. A Registered Migration Agent can discuss your SBS obligations with you.

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