482 Visa: Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa (Subclass 482)

What is the 482 TSS visa?

The 482 visa – or TSS visa – is a temporary Australian work visa designed to fill skill gaps in the Australian labour market. It enables you to work full-time for an approved Australian employer, in a nominated position which you are suitably qualified and experienced for.


Do you qualify for a visa?

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How long does the 482 visa last?

The Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) 482 visa allows you to live and work in Australia on a temporary visa, for 1, 2, 3 or 4 years.

How many streams does the TSS visa have?

It has three streams: a short-term stream, a medium-term stream and a regional stream.

How can I apply for a 482 visa?

  • As the 482 TSS visa applicant, you:
    • must have at least two years of full time and relevant work experience in the past five years
    • have the qualifications and/or work experience to meet the Skill Level requirement of your occupation
    • need to demonstrate your English ability, unless exempt
    • obtain licencing or registration (if compulsory in your occupation)
    • are not restricted by an age limit
    • require police clearances
    • can apply for a 482 TSS visa as the holder of a Bridging Visa A, Bridging Visa B and Bridging Visa C (provided you have not had a visa refused whilst onshore on a bridging visa)

How can my employer sponsor me on a TSS visa?

  • As a sponsor, your employer must:
    • hold Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) approval (or be in the process of becoming an approved sponsor)
    • nominate an occupation on one of the 482 visa shortage lists
    • meet caveats that apply to your occupation. A caveat may refer to a minimum company turnover, a minimum number of employees or a specific salary
    • meet the Labour Market Testing requirement, unless exempt
    • pay the Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) Levy when nominating you (the amount is based on company turnover and the number of years you’ll be nominated on the 482)
    • pay you at least $70,000 + super for a full time 38-hour week, unless a higher amount is specified as a caveat

TSS visa occupation lists

Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)
  • You can be nominated for one or two years
  • You can apply for a further one or two year visa whilst onshore
  • You may be able to lodge third 482 visa offshore
  • You need to show that you are a genuine temporary entrant (this depends on the length of time in Australia, visas held, visa refusals and your likelihood to return home to your country of origin in the future)
  • You need to score an overall 5.0 in the IELTS (or equivalent test), unless exempt
  • You pay a lower visa application charge than MLTSSL applicants
  • There is no pathway to permanent residency, unless you fit under the transitional / grandfathering arrangements

Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)

  • You can be nominated for 1, 2, 3, or 4 years
  • You can apply for further 482 visas without limit
  • You need to score 5.0 in all parts of the IELTS (or equivalent test), unless exempt
  • You pay a higher visa application charge than STSOL applicants
  • You will be eligible for permanent residency when the following applies:
    • You have worked for the same sponsor for three years on a 482 visa
    • You have worked in the same occupation for the three years on the 482 visa
    • You hold a score of at least 6.0 in all parts of the IELTS (or equivalent test), unless exempt
    • You have been paid at least the salary on your nomination letter
    • You are under 45 years of age at the time of lodging your PR visa

If you held a 457 visa prior to your 482 visa, you may be eligible for permanent residency transitional / grandfathering arrangements

Easier PR Pathways Ahead

Commencing November 25th, 2023, Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) (subclass 482) visa holders will have an easier route to Australian permanent residency. The start date is subject to regulation change approval.


Regional Occupation List (ROL)

The ROL has the same eligibility requirements as the MLTSSL, apart from the fact that the sponsor and the nominated position must be in a regional postcode.

What are the Regional Occupation List postcodes?

Regional Occupation List postcodes are subject to change and can be found on the Department of Home Affair’s website.

Does the TSS occupation list change?

The Department of Home Affairs makes changes to the shortage list based on industry and economic factors. However, a 482 visa occupation is ‘fixed on its list’ at the time of visa application. This means that your lodged 482 visa application will not be impacted if the occupation is removed from the list, during the processing time. It does mean that a future 482 visa may not be possible. Conversely, if you are nominated in an occupation on the STSOL and your job moves onto the MLTSSL, a permanent residency pathway may open up to you.

Can I link a new 482 nomination to a pending 482 visa?

A pending 482 visa cannot be linked to a new nomination. This means that if you lodge your 482 nomination and 402 visa together and the nomination is refused, your visas will either need to be withdrawn, or they will also be refused. The visa application fees are non-refundable.

In the case you lodged the 482 visa whilst in Australia and you wish to re-lodge a new 482 application (and a new nomination), you will need to pay the visa charges again, along with the subsequent temporary application fee of $700 per person. Additionally, your sponsor will need to pay another SAF Levy.

Can I change occupation on a 482 visa?

If you hold a 482 TSS visa and you are nominated in a different occupation (either with your current sponsor or with a new sponsor), you will need a new nomination and a new visa. This will count as your second onshore 482 visa.

Can a 457 visa holder be nominated under the 482 program?

As a 457 visa holder, you can be nominated through the TSS 482 program. You do not need to apply for a new visa. The employer will need to hold (or apply for) approval as a Standard Business Sponsor, lodge a 482 nomination and link it to your 457 visa. Your 457 visa expiry date remains the same. This will NOT count as one of your 482 visas.

The 482 Visa Application Process

  • Check your visa eligibility
    It is absolutely vital to make sure that you qualify for the visa before you apply for it. You may believe that you meet the requirements, but this is often not the case. A registered Migration Agent can assess your eligibility and confirm if you qualify. The application process is complex and difficult to navigate, and you risk thousands of dollars if you do not get it right the first time. Visa occupation lists and regulations can literally change overnight, so having a Registered Migration Agent on your side can really make all the difference.
  • Have an approved sponsor
    Your visa eligibility is only one part of the process. You must have an employer who is willing to sponsor you. Your employer must meet the criteria to become a Standard Business Sponsor. A registered Migration Agent can let you know whether your employer qualifies. You cannot submit an application unless your employer is a current approved sponsor – or is willing to lodge an application for approval. It is important that your employer understands what their role as a sponsor involves.
  • Be nominated in the occupation
    Next comes the nomination. Your employer must nominate the position that you will fill. The employer must show that they have advertised the position and given Australian workers a fair chance to apply. The Department of Home Affairs has specific requirements in relation to labour market testing. If an ad is not up for long enough or advertised in the wrong place, it will cause the nomination to fail. Employers must also meet salary and genuineness requirements. One small mistake in this part of the process and it’s all over!
  • Apply for the 482 visa
    This part relates to you, the applicant. You must show that you meet the skill level requirement, have the minimum work experience, pass the character test and reach the English level required. Any dependents (partner and/or children) can be included at this stage – or added to your visa once it is approved.

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