407 Visa: Training Visa (Subclass 407)

What is a 407 training visa?

The 407 training visa is a temporary visa that allows applicants to undertake occupational training in order to gain professional registration, or professional development training in Australia.


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407 visa streams

The training visa (subclass 407) has three occupational training streams.

  • Training for registration – sponsorship that allows you to gain the experience required for registration in your occupation
  • Occupational training – undertaking on the job training to develop your skills in an eligible occupation
  • Training that builds capacity overseas

True Blue Migration manages applications in the registration and occupational training streams.

Employer nomination on a 407 visa

An approved employer must nominate you for a 407 visa. Sole traders and individuals cannot sponsor employees on 407 visas.

We work with employers to assist them in preparing the relevant documentation necessary for a successful application.

The employer must be an approved temporary activity sponsor.

Are you eligible for a 407 visa?

In both streams, your occupation must be on the relevant legislative instrument.

You must also be over the age of 18, hold health insurance, have sufficient funds to support yourself in Australia, be a genuine temporary entrant, have competent English skills and meet health and character requirements. Your partner and dependents can be included in your application.

A dependent on a 407 visa has limited work rights of 40 hours per fortnight. 

Skills development stream

For the skills development stream, you need to demonstrate that in the past 24 months, you have worked or studied (or a combination of the two) full time for at least 12 months in the nominated occupation – at the time of lodging the nomination (not the visa). This may suit you if you have studied in Australia on a 500 visa, gained work experience on your 485 visa or if you hold a 418 or 462 visa and have relevant qualifications and/or work experience from your home country. 

Your employer will need to prepare a structured training program that addresses your skill gaps.

The training plan must differentiate between practical work, instruction and observation, outline tasks, timeframes and learning objectives, assess your current skills to confirm areas requiring development and confirm the skills you’re aiming to develop. It is expected that the nominated trainer has appropriate skills and experience to oversee your training. You should be engaged in training for at least 30 hours of the week.

Registration stream

For the registration stream, you need to demonstrate that you have the appropriate qualifications and work experience to undertake the occupational training that will allow you to obtain the relevant registration or licencing. For the registration stream, a detailed plan is also required, but this plan needs to align with the requirements of the relevant licencing or registration body in the state you are working in. In most cases, the sponsor must include a letter from the Australian (or overseas) regulatory body confirming that the training is necessary for you to get mandatory registration to work in the occupation.

407 visa length

The 407 visa is granted for a defined period up to two years. The length of the visa will depend on the time required for you to develop the skills in the nominated occupation. This will vary between applicants but in general, a 407 visa validity will be between 6 months and 2 years. You may be eligible for another visa at the end of your 407.

407 eligibility assessment

We can determine your eligibility for a 407 visa. Please complete our online assessment form to find out more. We can also assess your employer’s eligibility as a sponsor.

407 visa conditions

You can only work for your sponsor on a 407 visa. You must work at least 30 hours per week and be paid at least the Award pay rate for your nominated role. If you have a partner included in your 407 application, your dependent has limited work rights of 40 hours per fortnight.

How long does a 407 visa take to process?

A 407 visa is processed in approximately 3 – 4 months. If your current visa is due to expire, we may be able to lodge your 407 visa so you can remain in Australia on a bridging visa during the processing time.

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