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Parent Visas

Bring your family together with an Australian parent visa application. Temporary and permanent visa options are available depending on individual circumstances, including the age of the applicant and the residency status of the sponsor.

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Temporary Parent Visa – Subclass 870

On 17 April 2019, applications opened for a new temporary sponsored parent visa (subclass 870).

The 870 parent visa allows parents to live temporarily in Australia for three years or five years without needing to depart the country. Applicants do not need to meet the balance of family test and the visa can be renewed once. Parents on the 870 visa cannot remain in Australia on this visa for longer than ten years in total.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government announced that parents inside Australia on tourist visas may be able to extend their stay by applying for the 870 visa onshore. Applicants can apply for a waiver to the condition which normally requires them to apply for this visa offshore.

Contributory Parent Visa – Subclass 143

Most eligible parents aged under 65.5 years, who wish to remain in Australia permanently, choose to lodge a Contributory Parent (143) visa.

This involves making a non-refundable deposit to the Australian government. This amount is $43,600 per migrating parent. This can be paid in full, or can be split into two parts and spread out over a further two years.

This visa is processed in approximately 48 months.

The contributory amount is requested once the parents have passed their health and police checks. Parents become permanent residents when the visa is granted.

Once this visa is granted, parents can work, if they wish.

Although parents can be in Australia to lodge this visa (if they hold a visa allowing this), there is no associated bridging visa so they cannot ‘wait it out’ in Australia. Parents lodging this visa must meet the balance of family test.

Contributory Parent (Temporary) Visa – Subclass 173

Some parents choose to apply for the temporary 173 visa prior to applying for the 143 visa. The 173 visa allows them to spread costs over a longer period of time. It’s valid for two years and parents must apply to transition to the 143 before this time is up.

Aged Parent Visa – Subclass 804

If one of the parents is aged 65.5 years or over, they are deemed to be an ‘aged parent’ and have further options.

If the parents enter Australia on a visa that allows them to lodge another visa (such as a visitor visa WITHOUT an 8503 “No Further Stay” condition), an onshore parent visa can be lodged.

By lodging this visa, the parents can remain in Australia until a decision is made on their application.

They will hold Bridging Visa As during the processing time. They will need to apply for a Bridging Visa B if they wish to depart Australia temporarily.

The 804 visa does not require the parents to pay a contributory fee. As it is a popular option and has an annual cap, the processing time is over 30 years. Parents remain temporary residents during this time.

Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) Visa – Subclass 884

The 884 visa is the ‘onshore version’ of the 173 visa,

Contributory Aged Parent Visa – Subclass 864

The 864 visa is the ‘onshore version’ of the 143 visa, where the parents are required to pay the $43,600 contribution prior to grant of the visa. The parents become permanent resident when the 864 visa is granted.

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