884 Visa: Contributory Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 884)

The contributory aged parent (temporary) visa, otherwise known as the subclass 884 visa, allows parents to live in Australia for two years.

After this, if parents wish to remain in the country, they can apply for a contributory aged parent visa (864). The subclass 864 visa provides permanent residency and the application for this must be lodged before the temporary 884 expires.


Do you qualify for a visa?

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Who can be an 884 sponsor?

Parents applying for this visa type generally need to be sponsored by an eligible child. In a situation where the sponsoring child is under 18, it may be possible for a community organisation, spouse or relative or guardian of the child to act as the sponsor.

Am I eligible for an 884 visa?

You may be eligible to apply if you:

  • Satisfy the balance of family test
  • Meet Australian health and character requirements
  • Are sponsored by an eligible child
  • Of pensionable age (in Australia)

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884 visa entitlements

  • Live in Australia for two years
  • Leave and enter as many times as you need to
  • Work in Australia
  • Study in Australia
  • Make an application for the 864 visa to live in Australia permanently

Can an 884 visa be renewed?

The 884 visa cannot be renewed or extended.

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