173 Visa: Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass 173)

Contributory Parent (Temporary) Visa – Subclass 173

The subclass 173 contributory parent (temporary) visa is designed for parents whose children are permanently settled in Australia. This includes citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens.

It is known as a temporary visa because it enables successful applicants to live in Australia for up to two years and then apply for the subclass 143 contributory parent visa during this two year period.


Do you qualify for a visa?

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Why apply for the 173 visa when you can apply for the 143 visa?

Some people prefer to take this route because they can spread their costs over a number of years and try living in Australia before they make a permanent commitment. Additionally, they’re sometimes processed a little faster than 143 applications and no assurance of support is needed at this stage.

What is the balance of family test?

To meet the test, the majority of your children need to be permanently settled in Australia. The Australian-based children must hold Australian citizenship or Australian permanent residency or be an eligible New Zealand Citizen.  This includes any step-children you might have. This means that if you’re applying with a partner, all of their children will be taken into consideration.

Can temporary contributory parent visa holders work?

Yes. Once approved, you’ll be able to work and study in Australia for up to two years.

Do 173 visa holders get Medicare?

Yes. Once approved, you can enrol in the Medicare system for the duration of your visa period.

Can I apply for a 173 visa in Australia?

You can apply onshore or offshore. However, there is no bridging visa associated with a 173 visa, so if you lodge it whilst in Australia, you would need to depart Australia prior to the end of your current visa.

Free visa assessment

For more information on the subclass 173 visa, contact True Blue Migration Services for a free visa assessment. If you’re struggling to choose between a 143 and 173 visa application, we can recommend the best pathway for you to take.

Who can sponsor on the subclass 173 visa?

Applicants must be sponsored by their child. Sponsors must meet 173 visa eligibility criteria, which includes meeting character requirements and not having any outstanding debts to the Government.

Am I eligible for a 173 contributory parent (temporary) visa?

You may be eligible if you meet the following criteria:

  • Meet balance of family test
  • Meet health and character requirements
  • Have an eligible person to sponsor you
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