Adding a partner

Depending on your visa type, you may be able to add a partner to a pending application or lodge a subsequent entrant application for them once the primary visa has been granted.

Add partner to 482 visa or 457 visa              

A partner can be included in a 482 visa application or added later as a subsequent entrant. A partner cannot be added to a pending application.

If you hold a 457 visa, your partner can lodge a subsequent entrant application.

For both visa types, de facto partners must be able to demonstrate at least six months of cohabitation in a genuine relationship. Relationship registration cannot be used to waive the six-month cohabitation requirement as is the case for some other visa types.

For a 482 visa, the Government application fee is the same whether the primary applicant has an on occupation on the short list (STSOL) or the medium list (MLTSSL).

adding a partner

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Add partner to 186, 187, 189, 190 visa

A partner can be included at the time of application or added as a secondary applicant at any stage during processing.

You will need to provide 12 months of de factor relationship evidence or have registered your relationship. Being engaged is not enough to override this requirement.

Once PR has been granted for the primary applicant, a partner can no longer be ‘added to the visa’. An application for an Australian partner visa, such as an 820 or 309 visa, needs to be made instead.

It is much cheaper for a partner to be included in the initial PR application or added whilst the application is pending than to later apply for a regular Australian partner visa.

Add partner to 407/408 visa

Partners can be included at the time or application or added at a later stage as a subsequent entrant.

Dependents cannot be added to pending applications.

However, it’s important to note that partners on 407 visas have limited work rights (40 hours per fortnight).

Dependents on 408 visas can enjoy full work rights.

Add partner to 500 visa

Partners can be included in student visa applications or added as subsequent entrants later.

It is possible for a subsequent entrant application to be lodged if the partner is offshore and the main applicant is in Australia, but only if the partner was declared on the original student visa application.

Applicants must be married, have registered their relationship or be able to show at least a year’s worth of de facto visa evidence.

Dependents on student visas can work for up to 40 hours per fortnight. This also applies during semester breaks. Exceptions apply if the primary applicant holds a 500 visa and is enrolled on a masters or PhD course. In this case there are no work restrictions.

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Subsequent entrant fees

In some cases, partners may be required to pay a subsequent entrant fee if they have applied for a visa onshore previously.

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