Employer Sponsorship (Work Visa)

Have you found an employer in Australia who wants to sponsor you? That’s great news! Now let’s find you the right visa...

Employer Sponsored Visa Types

Employer sponsorship isn’t one-size-fits-all, as there are numerous visa types to consider. It’s important that you find the right visa to suit your needs, so do your research. True Blue Migration manages the following employer sponsorship visa subclasses.

Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482) - TSS

An employer sponsored TSS visa allows you to live and work in Australia on a temporary visa. The visa length and eligibility for permanent residency dependent on the nominated occupation, as well as age and English competency.

Employer Nomination Scheme (186)

Whether you are eligible for the temporary resident transition or the direct entry option, this employer-nominated visa gives permanent residency to you and your family.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (187)

If you’re sponsored on this permanent residency visa, your employer must be based in a designated regional area. You job must be on the MLTSSL or the Regional Occupation list (ROL). You must have at least three years of full time work experience, as well as meeting the skill level requirement of your occupation. Some occupation require a skill assessment.

Training visa (subclass 407)

This visa allows you to work for an Australian employer whilst undertaking on-the-job training.

Are you eligible for employer sponsorship?

Whether you are overseas and have an Australian employer who has shown an interest in sponsoring you; or you are already in Australia on a working holiday or as a student or tourist, you must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for employer sponsorship.

Your visa eligibility depends on:

• The location of your employer

• The employer's approval to sponsor

• The amount and type of work experience you have

• Any post-secondary qualifications

• The job you will do under employer sponsorship

• The salary being offered

We help both you and your employer through the visa application process. To find out if you can be sponsored by an employer, please complete our online assessment form.

NOTE: Effective Monday 29 January 2018, our No Visa, No Fee Guarantee does not apply to employer sponsored visas.

Are you an employer looking to sponsor?

We work with employers who have not sponsored before to help them obtain approval. We help with all parts of employer sponsorship to make sure that your business will meet the requirements.

You can call us on (08) 6189 5333 or (03) 9038 9070 to find out more.

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