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Sponsoring an Overseas Coach

True Blue Migration has joined forces with Gymnastics Victoria to provide tailored advice and visa management services for club owners wanting to sponsor coaches from overseas.

Why Sponsor a Coach?

The increasing popularity of gymnastics means that home-grown coaches are often in short supply and club owners may need to seek talent from outside of Australia in order to meet demand for classes, competitions and tuition.

Provided your club or academy meets certain requirements and your nominated coach has the skills or qualifications needed to perform the role, you may be able to sponsor a coach on a Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408).

Applications for this visa type are usually processed very quickly and a registered migration agent can manage the whole application from start to finish.

Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408)


• The three months commence when the coach arrives in Australia.

• The coach must have the support of Gymnastics Australia. This involves a letter of invitation which your agent can help to organise.

• The applicant must show that they fulfil the criteria of a gymnastics coach, demonstrate that they are a genuine temporary entrant, have sufficient funds to support themselves during the stay and arrange adequate health insurance.

• The cost to apply for a 408 visa is $285.

• Our fee to manage a three-month 408 visa for a gymnastics coach is $1,650.


• The club will need to obtain standard business sponsorship (SBS) approval as a 408 sponsor.

• The coach must meet the 408 visa requirements. This includes showing that he or she has the skills (qualifications and work experience) to coach gymnastics at a national level, gaining endorsement from Gymnastics Australia, meeting English language requirements, arranging appropriate health cover, obtaining police clearances and attending a medical check. We work with the coach to compile the information.

• The coach will be granted a two year 408 visa. This can be renewed once whilst the coach is onshore, for a further two years.

• The coach can be inside or outside Australia when this visa is lodged.

• The SBS application fee is $420.

• The visa application fee is $285.

• True Blue Migration management fee is $4,400 and is split into two parts.

• There are costs associated with English tests, police clearances and medical checks. Your agent will advise you on these.

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