Australian Partner Visa

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You maybe eligible for a partner visa if you are engaged or married to an Australian (or an eligible New Zealander) or you live in a defacto relationship. This includes same-sex couples.

Partner visas are closely scrutinised by Australian Immigration. A successful application depends on the quality and quantity of evidence of your genuine and ongoing relationship. If you are living in Australia in certain states of Australia, you can register your relationship to support your application. 


Many partner visa options are a two-part process. You may have to apply for a temporary visa first, which will give you the opportunity to experience your new home and adjust to the culture whilst applying for the second part.

There are certain requirements for those wanting to apply for permanent residency and you may need to prove your marriage, living arrangements or family situation.

Once your partner visa is granted, you have full work rights and you can live anywhere in Australia. If your partner visa is lodged whilst you are in Australia (this option is available to married and defacto couples), you may go onto a bridging visa that will allow you work during the processing time. We can tell you more about how this works.

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