Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa

Are you a soon-to-be-wed who’s looking forward to life in Australia? You’ll need to apply for a 300 visa to gain entry. Whilst this is sure to be an exciting time, it’s important that you understand the visa process and what is expected of you.

You could gain a 300 visa if:

• You’re living outside of Australia.

• You have physically met in person. It’s OK if you got to know each other online, but an online relationship only does not provide enough evidence of legitimacy.

• You intend to marry one another.

• You should both be prepared to show examples of a legitimate relationship. This does not only mean proof of living together; we can advise you further on this part of the process.

Once the 300 visa is granted, you’ll have 9 months to move to Australia, plan your wedding, get married and lodge a spouse visa application.

It can be quite a challenge, but with our help your new life together as marital partners will be plain sailing. You’ll have much more time to plan your big day, knowing that True Blue Migration has everything in hand with your visa application.

Using a registered migration agent for your subclass 300 visa application gives you the time to focus on what matters most. Let True Blue Migration assist you with your big move Down Under and take a free visa assessment today.

Our no visa, no fee guarantee and great success rate are proof of our commitment to helping you start a new life in Australia, so contact us today. You can apply for your visa online by clicking here.

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