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Thinking about moving to Australia? Consult True Blue Migration to assist you in making your dreams a reality.

We’re one of the most efficient and successful migration agencies in Perth, with a 99% success rate. We’re so confident that we’ll be able to obtain a visa for you that we offer a full money back guarantee if your application is unsuccessful.

Whether you’re looking for a parent visa, partner visa, or you’re sponsored by an employer, we can help you start the process of emigrating to Australia.

Our easy-to-use application process allows you to quickly supply all the details we’ll need to help you get a visa, you can even see if you’re eligible to apply for Australia’s skilled migration program. For a thorough application that covers all bases we’ll need information such as:

  • Evidence of funds
  • Skills and qualification certificates
  • Health insurance
  • Criminal record check

Depending on where you’re emigrating from, you may also need to complete an English language assessment.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of moving to Australia and forget about the underlying legalities about your dream. That’s where we come in. Our migration agents in Perth will be able to take you through the Australian visa process step-by-step, ensuring you have everything you need to make the transition to your new home.

Whilst we understand that you’re not likely to make the decision to emigrate without putting a lot of time and thought into your choice, many of us overlook the serious aspect of obtaining the right visa for you and your goals. Don’t let slow agencies hold you back, we’ll support you as the most experienced migration agent Perth has to offer.

Why move to Perth?

Besides the warm climate and friendly locals, Perth WA is one of the most beautiful metropolitan destinations in Australia. Brimming with opportunities, culture and new experiences, permanent residency in Australia opens up a new world for you to explore.

Whether you’re taking a year out, or starting a new life, Perth has everything you need to escape your current routine, offering you a laidback lifestyle and a fresh adventure. Western Australia is renowned for its thriving mining sector, and the number of wealthy workers living in this part of the country is rising all the time.

As such, it’s no surprise to see so much impressive investment and regeneration in cities like Perth. Greater Perth is home to some 1.97 million people and this figure is expected to grow considerably in the coming years, as more people latch on to the fact that this is an excellent place to live. With so many wonderful amenities and a distinctly cosmopolitan vibe, Perth is undoubtedly a city that is on the up.

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