Applying for an Australian visa: What you need to know

Why do I need a visa?

First things first, it’s important to point out that all matters relating to immigration and citizenship are handled by the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA), so if you are keen to move to Australia, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with this department.he Department. If you decide to use a Registered Migration Agent to manage your application, they will liaise with DOHA for you.

The Australian government has stringent processes in place to maintain a tight control over movement in and out of the country. Visas are required to show an individual has official permission to reside in their adopted country, and many these have an expiration date, so it’s important to keep them updated.

You’ll also be required to sign a values statement when applying for selected visas. Aussies are proud of their culture and heritage, and they like to ensure anybody moving Down Under will respect the Australian way of life and laws. This is generally included in the application form.

There are many types of visa including:

• Skilled Migration

Parent Visa

• Partner Visa

• Employer Sponsored

You should decide which option is most suitable for you before you begin the application process.

Filling in the application form


The DOHA eVisa service enables applicants to fill out, pay and lodge their applications online. Once your digital form has been submitted, you can track your progress via the Query Application Status.

You will also be given a Transaction Reference Number, which will allow you to upload any documents when necessary. It’s vitally important that you keep this number safe, as you will need to cite it when you have any communication with the DIAC.

The body also provides a free online service that allows applicants to check various details relating to their visa. Known as Visa Entitlement Verification Online, or VEVO, this enables migrants to stay up to date on their visa class and subclass, expiry dates, period of stay, names of dependents and any conditions associated with the visa.


For those who prefer to complete their application by hand, there are pdf versions of the form on the DIBP website, which can be printed off.

Be meticulous: Don’t leave out any important information!

Whether you choose to submit your application online or offline, here are some essential tips that you need to consider. You must:

• Indicate the class of visa that you want

• Use the correct form; or lodge an application via the internet (where applicable)

• Provide your residential address

• Pay the required charge (where applicable)

• Satisfy any other requirements

• Send or deliver your application as instructed by the specific visa application form, or contact the general enquiries line for assistance

• Complete the application in English

• Answer all questions truthfully – if you provide incorrect information or documents, your visa may not be granted. Don’t take the risk!

• Provide originals or certified copies of any required documents unless the department advises otherwise

You can learn more about the nuances of each type of visa – and what is required to fulfil the various criteria – by visiting the DIBP website.

Why some find this process far too daunting

As mentioned, Australia is renowned for having strict immigration controls, and many people have been left disappointed when their visa application has been turned down.

The whole process can be extremely daunting. Moving abroad is a massive decision, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that a failed visa application can completely ruin people’s long-term life plans.

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We leave no stone unturned, so you don’t have to worry that your application will be refused based on a minor technicality or something you’ve forgotten to include in your application form. This peace of mind is priceless for those who are planning a life-changing move Down Under.

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